Dry Eye Doctors In The Denver Metro Area
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Find relief with:
  • Eye drops
  • Medication
  • IPL Therapy
  • LipiFlow

Other Dry Eye Treatments

The type of treatment that you’ll need for dry eye syndrome will be based, in large part, on what’s causing your dry eyes. The three primary causes of dry eye syndrome are: not producing enough tears low-quality tears, and excessive evaporation of tears!

While the most common treatments for dry eye syndrome are eye drops, artificial tears, medications, IPL therapy, and LipiFlow treatments, other options are listed below.

Special Contact Lenses
There are contact lenses that are specifically designed for people with dry eyes!

Punctal Plugs
On the inside of your eye (the side nearest your nose), you have a punctum in your upper and lower eyelids. When you blink, these puncta (the plural form of punctum) serve as valves that drain the used tears from your eyes. If you have dry eye syndrome, one of the treatments is punctal plugs. These teeny, tiny silicone plugs are inserted into your puncta in order to close them. The closure helps preserve your own tears and conserve any artificial tears that you might have added. Punctal plugs, which need to be inserted by an eye doctor, are removable!

Thermal Cautery
Thermal cautery is an in-office treatment for dry eye syndrome that also plugs your tear ducts, using heat. Unlike punctal plugs, this is a more permanent solution!

For more information about dry eye treatments, or to schedule a consultation with an eye doctor, contact the eye care specialist that’s near you!

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